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PnyStream is going Open Source

Well, the app is going Open Source at least. You see, it’s been created using Thunkable, and when I finally get the aia file documented and other certain parts removed, I’ll be hosting it on Github. The reason? I thought that it was about time that I released it, seeing as it’s quite a descent…

Something broke!

I’m sorry that we’ve been off air for a while, but something broke. It broke BIG TIME! You see, a few weeks ago, our hosting organization decided to stop using the audio software that was running the server (something to do with a BIG disagreement with the author of said software), and so they shut…

It’s a Brave New World out there people!

From today (6th August 2017), PnyStream Radio is officially part of the Furry Broadcasting Network. What does this mean for you, our loyal listener(s)? Our music output will be increasing. With a significantly faster connection. We will be the mane, sorry, main, Brony broadcaster within the Furry Broadcasting Network (FBN). We will not be changing…

Brand new version of the app… soon

Well, I’ve been busy transferring tracks to the new server, and busy creating a new app. The app will not be much different from the current one, it’ll just be streaming from the new server. Look and feel will be similar, but should be faster… I hope 🙂 ~CelestialDoom

Looks like things are going to be changing

After having a chat with a certain somepony last night (looking in no particular direction… Shadow), PnyStream Radio is going to be moving. Once I’ve gotten all the tracks sorted out from the 16 gig or so that I’ve got stashed away on various drives (for safety), the stream will be moving to be part…

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I broke the site!

I managed to break the site! ‘How’d ya do that CD?’ Simple, I deleted the wrong folder on the FTP site, and, well, I’m sure you can do the rest. ~Celestial Doom

Patreon page has been created!

I’ve gone and created a Patreon page. This will (hopefully) allow the station to continue and grow. What I’m hoping for the future are the following: Purchase a dedicated URL for the station Move this collection of pages and posts to a new server Increase the number of streams Please consider supporting us. Please? ~Azure…

Well, we’ve been busy

It’s been a busy few weeks here at PnyStream Tower! Our coder (also known as That Darn Fool!) has been putting the finishing touches to the Android app, and updated it as well. Also, he’s finishing off the Windows 10 version. Yeah, he’s been busy! Here on the site, I’ve been tweaking things around (and…

Well, it happened!

Unfortunately, we’ve had a bit of a wee problem crop up. What this means is that, for the foreseeable future, we’ve had to suspend development of ALL the Windows 10 based applications. Not going into details as to why, but we’re still working on the Android and Windows 8.1 devices.

PnyStream Radio WP8 – Music for the masses

Yes! PnyStream Radio will not only be available for Windows 10, but it’s also going to be available for Windows Phone 8.1 (similar code base, but cut down). It’ll be available sometime at the end of the month, along with both the Android version and the Windows 10 version. Screen shots (WP 8.1)