I’m sorry that we’ve been off air for a while, but something broke.

It broke BIG TIME!

You see, a few weeks ago, our hosting organization decided to stop using the audio software that was running the server (something to do with a BIG disagreement with the author of said software), and so they shut it down. After the closure, I had checked to see if we were still running, and we were, so, nothing needed changing, yeah, right!

I only recently found out that the closure affected ALL the servers and stations.

Now, this left me in a bit of a quandary, how to fix the app.

I’ve decided to fix it, by going back in time. Back to a version that I know works with our old server (decided to keep it running, you know, just in case+)

I really can’t say when the new/old version will be out, but, I hope it’s soon.


+ It’s a good thing too!