After having a chat with a certain somepony last night (looking in no particular direction… Shadow), PnyStream Radio is going to be moving.

Once I’ve gotten all the tracks sorted out from the 16 gig or so that I’ve got stashed away on various drives (for safety), the stream will be moving to be part of the Furry Broadcasting Network.

We’ll still be pumping out Brony fanmade music (we’re not changing sides), and hopefully, be bringing in a more varied selection.


But, until the move fully happens, and I can work out how to update the apps (yes, multiple platforms), I’ll still be running on the current server, and the music will still be playing.


I’ll keep you updated, and informed, as work progresses.




PS – In a non-related topic, Azure has decided that it’s time for him to move to pastures new. I’ll keep all updated on his life (as, and when, he informs me)